Discover top fiddle players

In the evening you can enjoy concerts of the fiddle players involved in the festival. From Wednesday till Sunday several groups and formations play at different locations: De Centrale, Gallery Nanda, Het Bruggenhuis, Muziekclub ‘t Ey and Muziekpublique. With the absolute apotheosis on Saturday when almost all teachers gather on stage for Masters on the Move.

Overview of the concerts

Day 1

Wednesday 14|02

20:00 | De Centrale*

Day 2

Thursday 15|02

20:00 | De Centrale*

20:30 | Het Bruggenhuis

Day 3

Friday 16|02

19:30 | De Centrale*

21:00 | De Centrale*

20:00 |Gallery Nanda

20:00 |Muziekpublique

Day 4

Saturday 17|02

20:00 | De Centrale*


Day 5

Sunday 18|02

17:00 | De Centrale*

*Concerts at De Centrale are included in the all in pass.

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas will play an extra concert a few days before Fiddlers on the Move at Muziekclub ‘t Ey. Discover them already on Friday 9|02 in Belsele!

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