Pick up your fiddle & play along

We’ll keep on playing! After the workshops and concerts every evening, we gather to jam common tunes from the fiddle & world music repertoire. Tune your instrument, grab a glass of beer, wine or tea and play along!

Day 0

Tuesday 21|02

pre-jam session

20:00 | het Muzikantenhuis

Day 1

Wednesday 22|02

jam session

after the fiddlebal | De Centrale

Day 2

Thursday 23|02

jam session

after the concert | De Centrale

Day 3

Friday 24|02

jam session

after the concert | De Centrale

Day 4

Saturday 25|02

jam session

after the concert | het Muzikantenhuis

Join the Fiddle Gateway!

Did you ever ask yourself:

  • How many tunes can I play?
  • What are the common tunes with my friends?
  • How would I remember tunes from a certain region?
  • How would I follow my tunes wish list better?

If so, the Fiddle Gateway is there for you!

Bojan Cvetrežnik will take time for you and invite you to subscribe and contribute your content to the database. On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday he will be at the corridor on the 1st floor after the workshops (17:00) and answer your questions!

In the next period the database will be your tool to answer questions like:

  • how to choose right tunes for my students?
  • which tunes include some technical speciality?

The project was created as a part of Erasmus+ project of Society for ONE music and Bahnhof Leisnig.