A folk violin project

Fiddlers on the Move is a yearly festival in the city of Ghent. It is all about violins, or you can say, it is the violinists’ paradise. Each year, top musicians from all over the world, who are masters in their styles, come to give workshops and concerts. Five days full of workshops, concerts and jam sessions!

The festival was founded by Wouter Vandenabeele. We no longer have to introduce him as a violinist, arranger and composer. He has traveled extensively for the past thirty years. “I have come across violinists everywhere,” he remembers. “They are masters in their genre yet they are not that well known, with the exception of classical violinists. That first-rate role, for example, in the klezmer or in the Turkish repertoire, too often, remains under the radar, and that had to change. At the same time, I wanted to give violinists the opportunity to immerse themselves in all those styles and genres through workshops. In 2016 I found an enthusiastic partner in De Centrale to organize our first violin festival. Since then, Fiddlers on the Move (FOTM) has boomed.”


Fiddlers on the Move is an organisation of De Centrale // powered by vzw Nestas

The concerts & jam sessions are organized in collaboration with partners

het Muzikantenhuis
Het Bruggenhuis
Muziekclub ‘t Ey
Gallery Nanda
GO! Kunstacademie Gent | De Poel
Stad Gent

Fiddlers team

Wouter Vandenabeele | programming
Jos Lootens
| programming @ De Centrale
Shalan Alhamwy | coordination @ De Centrale
Luc Baeckeland
| general coordination @ De Centrale
Jan De Clerck
| communication @ De Centrale
Lise Smolders
| website, communication & registration
Filip Verpoest
| photography