Sleep in Ghent

Do you want to stay in Ghent? We can recommend these low budget places.

Cosy hostel with garden, very close to De Centrale

5 min on foot (400 m)

Price starting from € 24 per night per person

In the middle of the historic centre of Ghent and still at walking distance

19 min on foot (1,6 km)

Price starting from € 30 per night per person

On a boat! It is very eco and very affordable, and it is a good idea to rent a bike to get around

10 min by bike or 30 min on foot (2,8 km) from De Centrale

Price starting from € 23 per night per person

B&B with very nice people, a beautiful place, and there profit goes to reforestation in Congo

9 min by bike or 28 min on foot (2,2 km) from De Centrale

Price starting from € 63 per night per room