Ready to fiddle?

Good news! We’ll have an extra this year. You can attend online Fiddlers on the Move workshops for free on Friday 19th February 2021. Four great violinists will teach – live from De Centrale, Slovenia and Sweden(!) – fiddle techniques of their country based on some tunes. You can play along in your living room with Laura Cortese, Bojan Cvetrežnik, Aurélie Dorzée and Mia Marine. With Q&A hosted by Wouter Vandenabeele, founder of the festival. Tune in from 19h till 23h (CET) on Facebook Live or YouTube!

▷ Beside we’re still hoping for a 6th edition of Fiddlers on the Move in real life in Ghent on 14 till 18th April 2021. More info later. Fingers crossed!

Watch the workshops again

Workshops Friday 19th February

© Ruth Medjber

19h | Laura Cortese

violin technique for old time and American folk

Laura Cortese is a driving creative force and brings people together wherever she goes. She wears many hats: violinist, singer, songwriter and band leader. After she left California to study at the Berklee school of Music in Boston, she founded the music camp Miles of Music Camp and festival BCMfest. Then she played with many different bands and founded her own band Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards. This is a string quartet that sings. Their own songs are based on the themes and patterns of folk songs as they explore new rhythms, sound and color palettes. At first glance, the group looks like a regular string quartet, but from the first moment Cortese starts playing, with her percussive strumming on violin and her powerful and sultry voice, you get to know her post-folk that seriously rocks.


© Bojan Stepančič

20h | Bojan Cvetrežnik

Balkan violin – implementation of folk vocabulary

Bojan Cvetrežnik is a performer, educator and composer. He has been a soloist in the Slovenian National Opera and in Cirque du Soleil, a teacher at the Conservatory of Music in Maribor and a mentor for jazz improvisation at the Music Academy of Ljubljana. He is a founded member of international established band Terrafolk, he also founded Symbolic Orchestra. Bojan is a passionate teacher and wants to share his expertise with a wide audience. In order to do this, he created Godalkanje, an educational platform for traditional violin and improvised music where his students learn to play violin in a variety of styles at a high level. His life goal is to bring together the best aspects violin playing from the classical, folk and jazz traditions, thereby helping to remove the artificial divisions between them.


© Guy Kokken

21h | Aurélie Dorzée

how to play folk music from Belgium

Aurélie Dorzée plays the violin, the viola d’amor, the violin trumpet, the viola, composes & sings. She’s mainly active in contemporary music styles from traditional, ethnic and folk music to rock, improvisation and baroque. Alongside her studies at the conservatory, she was already touring throughout Europe with the famous Panta Rhei folkband. After that she played a lot with Trio Trad en then she formed Aurelia, a trio which had instant success. Her music is a promenade in a world of improvisations, folk-modern and medieval songs. She also played alongside many musicians like José Van Dam, Bernard Foccroule, Jean-Christophe Renault, tango argentin, Coope Boys & Simson, Perry Rose, Gabriel Yacoub, Sylvie Berger, Ambrozijn, Maskesmachine, Renaud, Laïs, Ialma, Violon populaire en Wallonie, musique à 9, Didier François, Abid Bahri, Box, Zefiro Torna, and differents African musicians Issa Sao, Youssou N’Dour,She is also active in contemporary Belgian dance and theater and teaches at several summer music camps.


© Ylva Lindgren

22h | Mia Marine

the wonderful world of the Swedish folkmusic on the violin

Mia Marine is well known as a lively and exuberant musician from Värmland in Sweden. Her playing has bold expression and a catching energy; it bounds with joy, charm and brilliance. It is a playing that doesn’t give in to artistic challenges and depth, a playing of highest quality. Besides being a very skilled performer, she is also known as an energy-boosting teacher of fiddle playing, music arrangement, ensemble playing and music theory. Mia plays with a lot of different bands, such as Marin/Marin, MP3, NID and Ulrika Bodén Band, and occasionally also with Lena Willemark, Sofia Karlsson, Den folkliga menuetten (a music and dance act) or the folk string orchestra Bowing 9. She has graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and has been working full time as a freelance musician for many years. She’s an experienced composer taking inspiration mainly from traditional music, but also from jazz and classical music. She teaches at some of the most prestigious music institutions in Sweden including the music colleges, Malungs folkhögskola, Eric Sahlström Institutet in Tobo and at many different workshops around the world.


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