Fiddlers on the Move #6.2

Let’s have a full edition of Fiddlers on the Move online! Violinists from all over Europe gathering at De Centrale in Ghent is still an utopian dream, so we’ll bring the festival straight to your house. From Thursday 15 till Saturday 17 April you can join workshops by familiar fiddle players Michalis Kouloumis, Amit Weisberger, Jean-Christophe Gairard, Naomi Vercauteren, enjoy concerts and play along with the jam session. All for free. Check out our program, dust off your violin and watch out for our livestreams on Facebook or YouTube!

Thursday 15 April

pick up your fiddle and play along

Friday 16 April

violin playing in the Aegean Sea

how to play the 3 main klezmer ornaments on the fiddle

Saturday 17 April

Transylvanian music from Marseille

folk music from Belgium

unique trio from Ghent

Transylvanian music in between Beica de Jos and Sancraiu