Day 4 Saturday 17|02

De Centrale | Ham 70, 9000 Ghent

20:00 | doors at 19:30


€ 7 | € 10 | € 13

included in the all in pass

Masters on the Move

The absolute apotheosis of Fiddlers on the Move! Almost all teachers gather on stage during a unique Masters on the Move concert. They will briefly showcase their musical talents, taking the audience on a journey through various realms. At the big finale, all musicians will interpret a Flemish traditional tune in their unique styles, showcasing the diversity of fiddle music. The Ensemble on the Move will also take the stage – a collective of diverse instruments guided by Jonas Malfliet.

With Alasdair Fraser, Anna Lowenstein, Bojan Cvetreznik, Barja Drnovšek, Bríd Harper, Jean-Christophe Gairard, Laura Cortese, Marwan Fakir, Mia Marine, Michalis Cholevas, Natalie Haas, Robertto Petik, Toby Kuhn, Jonas Malfliet and of course Wouter Vandenabeele. After all, Fiddlers on the Move is and remains his brainchild!

photo © Filip Verpoest