Day 3 Friday 16|02

De Centrale | Ham 70, 9000 Ghent

21:00 | doors at 19:00 & debate at 19:30

concert together with Tcha & Jean’s Quartet

€ 7 | € 10 | € 13

included in the all in pass

Ghent Folk Violin Project

Wouter Vandenabeele, Lotte Remmen, Anouk Sanczuk, and Naomi Vercauteren on violin, and Jeroen Knapen on guitar, together form the Ghent Folk Violin Project, also known as GFVP.

After successful CDs, tours, and inspiring collaborations, five of the six original members are picking up the GFVP thread again, at the request of the Merodefestival. Lotte Remmen has specialized in Americana with projects like Old Salt and Bipolar Bows. Naomi Vercauteren and Jeroen Knapen bring a Celtic repertoire with Brisk. Anouk Sanczuk conquers European stages with Broes, Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk, and Room13 Orchestra (together with Naomi). Wouter Vandenabeele delved into West African music with Tamala and created the acclaimed Hiraeth project. He plays together with Jeroen in The Chai Connection and many other projects.

The unique sound of four ‘swinging’ folk violins and rhythmic guitar remains the foundation, with a mix of tradition and new compositions, plus 10 years of additional stage experience. The ensemble offers a blend of folk, classical, world music, and jazz, with the violin taking center stage. They will perform their first new premieres at the Flemish Folk Awards in the AB, Brussels and at Fiddlers on the Move.