Day 2 Thursday 15|02

De Centrale | Ham 70, 9000 Ghent

20:00 | doors at 19:30

concert together with Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

€ 7 | € 10 | € 13

included in the all in pass

Gabriel Lenoir

The Passage – Concert for a Violin Traveller

One man, a violin, a voice. This solo concert of Gabriel Lenoir, titled the Passage, evokes musicians traversing the roads, melodies that travel across generations, tunes seemingly animated with a life of their own, and the violin leading the dance, even dancing itself. You’ll experience instrumental music, songs, and stories—personal compositions and traditional tunes from Flanders, Wallonia, Auvergne, and Poitou. You might find yourself caught in a daydream, letting your desire to sing, feeling your feet come alive with excitement.

Gabriel Lenoir is a key figure in traditional dance music and the popular fiddle repertoire in France. He’s not only a fiddler, also a composer and arranger, always in the style of traditional oral music.