Swedish violin

Day 3 Friday 4|03

Swedish violin

Day 4 Saturday 5|03

Swedish violin


Day 5 Sunday 6|03

Mia Marine

Mia Marine is well known as a lively and exuberant musician from Värmland in Sweden. Her playing has bold expression and a catching energy; it bounds with joy, charm and brilliance. It is a playing that doesn’t give in to artistic challenges and depth, a playing of highest quality. Her music is often in the borderlands between traditional folkmusic, modern accoustic music and chamber music. Besides being a very skilled performer, she is also known as an energy-boosting teacher of fiddle playing, music arrangement, ensemble playing and music theory.

Mia plays with a lot of different bands, such as Marin/Marin, MP3, NID and Ulrika Bodén Band, and occasionally also with Lena Willemark, Sofia Karlsson, Den folkliga menuetten (a music and dance act) or the folk string orchestra Bowing 9. She has graduated from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, and has been working full time as a freelance musician for many years.

She’s an experienced composer taking inspiration mainly from traditional music, but also from jazz and classical music. She teaches at some of the most prestigious music institutions in Sweden including the music colleges, Malungs folkhögskola, Eric Sahlström Institutet in Tobo and at many different workshops around the world. And has her very own online academy Mia’s Groovy Fiddle Academy.

photo © Ylva Lindgren