Arabic violin

Day 3 Friday 16|02


Arabic violin

Day 4 Saturday 17|02

This workshop offers a captivating immersion into the rich musical heritage of Moroccan Andalusian music. Participants will have the opportunity to learn a piece in the Moroccan Andalusian style, while honing specific techniques such as ornamentation and mastering the bowing technique unique to oriental violin. Simultaneously, the program emphasizes the recognition of modes in Moroccan Arab-Andalusian music, providing an understanding of the regional musical tradition.

Marwan Fakir

Marwan Fakir, is a product of the renowned conservatories of Marrakech, Paris 9ème, and Tourcoing. With a deep passion for music, he dedicated himself to studying the traditional Arab and Turkish repertoire under the guidance of esteemed masters, including Kudsi Erguner. His dedication and expertise led him to become one of the pioneers in introducing the five-string violin to the oriental musical landscape.

Throughout his career, Marwan has graced stages across the Arab world, Asia, Europe, and America, He collaborates with various formations and accompanies acclaimed singers, sharing his musical talents with audiences far and wide. His Fakir Trio let traditional melodies resonate with modern harmonies and heady grooves. Always seeking new musical experiences, he currently serves as a professor of Arabic music at the departmental conservatory of Roubaix in France, nurturing the next generation of musicians.

photo © Shalan Alhamwy