Belgian folk music

Day 5 Sunday 18|02

Anouk Sanczuk

Anouk Sanczuk started playing the violin at the age of 4 using the Suzuki method at the music school in Turnhout. Influenced by external factors, she developed a taste for folk music. After lobbying between folk and jazz for several years, Anouk began studying jazz violin at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles in 2011. She completed her master’s degree in Jazz & Light Music with a focus on violin at the ArteZ Conservatory in Arnhem, Netherlands. In her final year, she participated in an Erasmus+ program at the Centre de Musique de Didier Lockwood (CMDL) in Dammary-lès-Lys, France.

Passionate about folk music, she attended numerous masterclasses in Greek, Roma, Romanian, and Balkan music. She founded the group Broes, which in 2023 won the Flanders Folk Awards in the category of ‘Best Live Band.’ Anouk teaches folk and jazz violin at the academies of Genk and Ieper.

She is actively involved in various musical formations, including Broes, Duo De Schepper-Sanczuk, Room13orchestra in collaboration with Lieven Tavernier/Neeka/Mish Walschaert/Stijn Meuris, Flairck, and the Ghent Folk Violin Project (GFVP).

photo © Patrick Clerens