Day 2 Thursday 23|02


Day 3 Friday 24|02

De Centrale | Ham 72, 9000 Ghent


concert together with Peyo Peev & Vladimir Vladimirov

€ 6 | € 9 | € 12

included in the all in pass

San Miguel Fraser

Celtic & Castilian fiddle duo María San Miguel and Galen Fraser are multi-instrumentalists and educators who celebrate the values of community and traditional music in their unique chamber music style.Their music contains all the traditional elements that you would expect, beautifully executed ornamentation and chording. But surprises with fresh tunings and startlingly touching and deeply thoughtful arrangements.

Castilian fiddler María specialized in Castilian fiddle music and keeps audiences thoroughly captivated with her fiery fiddling and soulful voice. Galen is an accomplished fiddle player from the foothills of Northern California, connected familiarly with Scottish and American folk. He’s best known for his modern take on celtic traditional music.

San Miguel Fraser is a project that will always stand for community, celebrating the joy of music and shared inspiration. The dynamic duo was born as a result of the 2020 quarantine with the  Stay At Home Festival. Thanks to the beautiful and universal folk community, they raised over $60,000 with the aim of bringing light to the world, maintaining morale and financially helping musicians around the globe. The “Stay At Home Festival” family lives on today with San Miguel Fraser.