Day 5 Sunday 26|02

De Centrale | Ham 72, 9000 Ghent



included in the all in pass

Renelius Bikar Ensemble

Renelius Bikar has his roots in Košice in Slovakia. He grew up in a musical family that included a double bass-playing dad, a singing sister and a guitar-playing uncle. He himself started playing music when he was barely 5 years old and today he is regarded as one of the best Roma violinists in the world. He played for several years in Roby Lakatos’ ensemble. He is accompanied by his uncle on guitar and the fantastic Ghent-Slovak pianist-accordionist Martin Balogh. And who knows they may also bring along some extra musician friends this time. You will certainly enjoy an afternoon full of Roma traditionals and Gypsy jazz standards. A nice conclusion to this edition of Fiddlers on the Move!