Day 2 Thursday 3|03

Bij’ De Vieze Gasten | Haspelstraat 31, 9000 Ghent


€ 6 | € 10

included in the all in pass

Day 3 Friday 4|03


€ 14

(Makis Baklatzis & Stamatis Pasopoulos)

Makis Baklatzis (violin) and Stamatis Pasopoulos (accordion, tapes, composition) bring original dramatized musical compositions inspired by the Balkan character of the northern cross-border region of Greece. Street instruments and street soundscapes reflect on the one hand the beauty that results from the admixture of local diversity. And on the other the modern model of social differentiation. Local dances – which transfuse a series of elements of collective identity – transformed into complete sound personalities, giving their own perspective and interpretation to the overall narration. The violin and the accordion, as basic instruments of the above musical cultures, are activated in a scolar context, containing at the same time the primary folk element that characterizes them.