Day 2 Thursday 23|02

Bij’ De Vieze Gasten| Haspelstraat 31, 9000 Ghent


concert together with Polis Efraimidis & Natasa Tsakiridou

€ 6 | € 12 | € 16

included in the all in pass


Cromática is a flamenco performance around the interaction of sound, color and our emotions. A new project of dancer Irene Álvarez, Pablo Rodríguez on violin and guitar player Alexander Gavilán.

Does each note has a color? Or does it arise only in the relationship with other notes? What could be the color of tristesse, what the sound of infatuation? Cromática is a walk between the harmonies familiar to us and the play with the indefinite possibilities offered by the chromatic scale. Through an almost abstract chromatic structure, we experience how sound, color and emotions are linked and constantly influence each other to shape a unique flamenco style.

Sevillian dancer Irene Álvarez was apprenticed to such luminaries as El Güito, Manolo Marin, Javier Latorre, Isabel Bayón and Manuel Betanzos. Building on traditional flamenco, she has developed her own unmistakable style that moves between an impulsive, sometimes quite modern expression and the elegance of the Sevillian school.

Flamenco guitarist Alexander Gavilán combines orthodox technique with modern, mostly his own compositions. His playing is intense and virtuous. He is a skilled dance and vocal accompanist and also occasionally performs as a soloist. Although primarily at home in traditional Flamenco, he certainly does not shy away from participating in contemporary musical experiments.

With one foot in Spain and the other in the Netherlands, Canary violinist Pablo Rodríguez belongs to a generation of string players with a unique sound, enriched with jazz, flamenco and other global music.