Romania & Moldavia


Day 1 Wednesday 14|02


Romania & Moldavia


Day 2 Thursday 15|02


Bowing Session on Romanian rhythms: Hora, geampara, batuta, sîrba


Day 4 Saturday 17|02


Workshop 2 Romania & Moldavia: advanced

From 15th of January, Jean-Christophe will provide a folder with some tunes to listen and students will have to learn/practice 2 pieces that we will improve during the workshop.

Workshop 3 Bowing Session on Romanian rhythms *masterclass*

The material will be sent around 15th of January, some melodies, some small tunes (scores and mp3). Students will have to learn or at least listen to the material, so the workshop and all the different bowings will be useful to them.

Jean-Christophe Gairard

French violinist Jean-Christophe Gairard first discovered his passion for slavonic music through the work of composers such as Béla Bartók, Henryk Wieniawski or Antonín Dvořák. In addition to violin studies, he has also cooperated in the large-scale project on transcription and conservation of traditional Romanian folk tunes. More than 10 years ago Jean-Christophe travels for the first time to Romania, and stays for four months in Transylvanian Cluj-Napoca, where he meets Tcha Limberger and Marcel Râmba. The numerous human and musical encounters will have a tremendous impact on his musical life.

Every year since, he returns to practice and deepen his knowledge of the repertoire from the Transylvanian musical tradition, which is a mixture of Hungarian, Romanian, Jewish, Roma (gipsy) and German influences. He collaborated and performed with numerous significant music groups, such as European Symbolic Orchestra of Ljubljana, Tchayok trio (Russian and gipsy music), Troïka ensemble (Russian music), Big Band Outch Men Orchestra, Clair de Lune formation in Romania, Tzwing quartet.

photo © L.Melone