Pontic Greek music

Day 4 Saturday 25|02

Pontic Greek music

Day 5 Sunday 26|02

Polis Efraimidis

Polis Efraimidis was born in Yerevan, Armenia and grew up in Kolchiko, near Thessaloniki in Greece. He studied six years of classical guitar and at the age of fourteen started learning Pontian lyra in the local Pontian club of Kolchiko. He had the good fortune to grow up and be nurtured musically in a village with a heavy cultural heritage, interacting with very important representatives of Pontian music from the surrounding villages of Trapezounta.

From the first years of his involvement with the instrument, he began to play in the club of Kolchikos and to sing in the many music gatherings that took place in the area. At the same time, his first trips to the Greek community associations began, specifically in Germany, where in the following years dozens of appearances followed, as well as in other countries such as Switzerland and Cyprus.

For many years he has been teaching Pontian lyra in conservatories and music schools. In official recordings, he has participated as a lyra player and a singer in various albums and soon his personal album will be released.