the violin of Istanbul

Day 4 Thursday 5|03

the violin of Istanbul

Day 5 Sunday 6|03

We’ll discover the beauty and subtlety of Turkish Art Music! This music has developed in Istanbul and enriched in a multicultural environment. In this workshop we will perform some art pieces which are composed by Turkish, Armenian and Greek masters. In this way it helps you to understand and implement the specific intervals and specific performing style of the music, which will bring some taste of the Ottoman music tradition.

Burak Savaş

Burak Savaş started singing and also playing violin since adolescence. Since 2013, he started to take singing and Tanbur lessons in the Ege University, the State Conservatory of Turkish Music . During this period he participated many concerts and projects as violin player and singer. He completed his master education at Codarts (Rotterdam Conservatory) on Turkish violin. He played with the Kudsi Erguner Ensemble, among others.