Fiddle in Galician music

Day 1 Wednesday 2|03

Fiddle in Galician Music

Day 4 Saturday 5|03

We’ll learn the Galician fiddle tradition and how to transpose the specific language of the difference instruments from Galicia (mainly Galician bagpipe, Gaita galega) into fiddle: ornaments, accents, phrasing and traditional Galician rhythmic patterns (muiñeira, xota, pasodoble and more).

Begoña Riobó

Begoña Riobó is currently one of the most renowned violinists in Galician music. She has an outstanding musical career, played with Carlos Núñez, Anxo Lorenzo, Susana Seivane, and Sondeseu, among others. She was the first Galician Folk violinist to lead her own band, Riobó, with whom she toured until 2017. She has released two recordings: Riobó and Quiral. In 2019 she created together with the acclaimed Galician musician Anxo Pintos the duo Pärbo, being one of her most personal projects to date.

Begoñas playing is characterized by her virtuosity when arranging and interpreting traditional Galician melodies, being faithful to their origins. Her performances are a journey of sensations during which both the deep cultural roots and present-day performance formulas live side by side.

She teaches traditional music at the ETrad school in Vigo Galicia as well as music camps in Spain and internationally such as the Festcat course in Girona, the Crisol de Cuerda in Burgos, Skye Trad Strings on the Isle of Skye in Scotland and at Valley of the Moon Fiddle School in California ( USA).