Belgian violin

Day 5 Sunday 6|03

Aurélie Dorzée

Aurélie Dorzée plays the violin, the viola d’amor, the violin trumpet, the viola, composes & sings. She’s mainly active in contemporary music styles from traditional, ethnic and folk music to rock, improvisation and baroque. Alongside her studies at the conservatory, she was already touring throughout Europe with the famous Panta Rhei folkband. After that she played a lot with Trio Trad en then she formed Aurelia, a trio which had instant success. Her music is a promenade in a world of improvisations, folk-modern and medieval songs.

She also played alongside many musicians like José Van Dam, Bernard Foccroule, Jean-Christophe Renault, tango argentin, Coope Boys & Simson, Perry Rose, Gabriel Yacoub, Sylvie Berger, Ambrozijn, Maskesmachine, Renaud, Laïs, Ialma, Violon populaire en Wallonie, musique à 9, Didier François, Abid Bahri, Box, Zefiro Torna, and differents African musicians Issa Sao, Youssou N’Dour,… She is also active in contemporary Belgian dance and theater and teaches at several summer music camps.

photo © Guy Kokken