Galicia * Iberian special

Day 1 Wednesday 22|02

Galicia * Iberian special

Day 2 Thursday 23|02


Antía Ameixeiras

Antía Ameixeiras is a Galician musician focused on the traditional way of playing violin and singing. Throughout her career, she has been part of renowned bands such as Carlos Núñez or Luar na Lubre, and she was awarded with the Galician Artistic Excellence grant. Nowadays, she is playing with the acclaimed duo Caamaño&Ameixeiras

Since the age of five, Antía Ameixeiras attends Galician traditional dance and tambourine classes in Baio, her hometown. She has always been a lover of traditional culture. In 2010, she graduates as a violin player in the Professional Conservatory of Music in Carballo (A Coruña). Later in Santiago de Compostela, she enrolls A Central Folque and changes the classical violin for the traditional. She has been trained by teachers such as Quim Farinha, Gutier Álvarez, Sofia Hogstadious, Michalis Kouloumis and Kate Young, who she knew while living in Prague, the city where Antía gets in touch with another European music. She makes several musical stays in Bulgaria learning popular music and, in 2017, she started to study modern music, first in the Escuela Estudio, then in the Stage de impro of Mydriase school in France and lastly in the Taller de Músics in Barcelona. Antía has shared the stage with musicians like Gustavo Santaolalla, Jordi Savall y Hespèrion XXI, Dan Ar Braz, Ceumar and Uxía Senlle.