De Centrale

workshops & concerts

De Centrale is an intercultural music centre with a focus on folk and world music. This former power station now contains two concert halls with dance floors, a world music school and spaces for workshops. It offers a lot of possibilities for exchange and to meet interesting people.

Ghent (spelled Gent in Dutch) is a city of 250 000 inhabitants in Flanders, Belgium. It has a beautiful historic centre – a bit like Bruges – yet at the same time it’s very alive! There are a lot of cosy cafés, where you can enjoy a Belgian beer while listening to live music. There are many theatres, concert halls and festivals… there’s something going on all the time. It’s not too big or too small and has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Ghent was designated “Creative City of Music” by UNESCO.

▷ entrance workshops: Kraankindersstraat 2, 9000 Ghent
▷ entrance concerts: Ham 72, 9000 Ghent

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Bij’ De Vieze Gasten

Haspelstraat 31, 9000 Ghent


het Muzikantenhuis

Dampoortstraat 52, 9000 Ghent